Academic Bowl- Stephanie Hilliary, Meribeth Belter

We are an OSSAA Non athletic team that competes against other 6A schools based on Trivia Questions. Subjects include: Computers, Mythology, English, Literature, Math, Science, Social Studies, Sports and Pop Culture. We participate in our state competition and in NAQT competitions (which is a national based Trivia competition). 

Anime Club- Andrew Reil, Mary Baumann

We discuss current and incoming anime, read and discuss manga, play games, cosplay (when school allowed), and most importantly watch & discover new anime. 

Art Club- Scott Smith, Mary Baumann

Band & Flag- Michaela McCall 

Bell Guard- Chris Levinson

Students that attend all Football games and they ring the bell after each score and the next day at the end of morning announcements when there is a win in football and/or basketball. It is a long standing tradition.

Chess- Jeff Elbert

Crime stoppers- Carol Thurman

Drama Club- Arline Taylor

Drama club is dedicated to the appreciation of theater and cinema. In addition to the school play, we host movie nights, sponsor opera trips to the Winspear opera house in Dallas and perform Dr. Seuss stories for elementary schools on his birthday. In addition to appreciating drama in all its forms, we use the art to help our community through various projects. Some of those projects are the Fall Festival that benefits the Lawton Food Bank, Christmas Stockings for the girls home and blankets for the pet shelter to name a few.  

Ebony Society- Ramona Shegog

The Ebony Society of Lawton High School is a sociocultural organization initiated for the mutual benefit of any Lawton High School students who express an interest in the past, present, and future contributions of people of color. It is not a separatist movement nor a Black caucus. Its purpose is to study and promote all factors which directly or indirectly contribute to the communication between black and white students and to stimulate the black campus community to adopt such measures as may directly, or indirectly-immediately or in the future, prevent or reduce dissension between students and the administration. 

E-Sport- Tommy Harrison

A club where we play Esports games. We develop strategies and learn new updates for different games. We focus on Competitive gaming. We are a developing club, so we don’t have any computers or games yet. So, we play online at home every Saturday night on Discord.

Ethics Bowl- Alan Prater

The purpose of the Ethics Club is to develop a program that promotes respectful, supportive, and in-depth discussion of ethics among Lawton High School students school wide. By engaging high school students in intensive ethical inquiry, the Ethics Bowl class fosters constructive dialogue and furthers the next generation’s ability to make sound ethical decisions. Our collaborative model rewards students for the depth of their thought, their ability to think carefully and analytically about complex issues, and the respect they show to the diverse perspectives of their peers. As a result, it enables students to practice and build the virtues central to democratic citizenship, thus preparing them to navigate challenging moral issues in a rigorous, systematic, and open-minded way.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes-LaDonna Muse

A club where we get together every Wednesday morning and go on different trips geared for Christian Athletes. We do different activities every Wednesday to help regain focus and understandings of the Bible. 

Freshman Class- Kimberly Buckner

Future Farmers of America-Courtney Miller, Heaven Kern

The National FFA Organization is a youth leadership organization that makes a positive difference in the lives of young people by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agriculture education.

Gay Straight Alliance- Jordan Grooms

The goal of the GSA is to raise awareness of LGBTA+ issues and provide a safe haven for students to discuss these issues. Everyone is welcome.

Gentlemen of LHS- De'Andre Swanson, Jeff Elbert

Highsteppers- Kylee Montgomery

Huey's Heros- Kim Buckner

Huey’s Heroes mentor freshmen and compete for the Lead4Change award by completing service-learning projects for a non-profit organization each school year. Throughout the year, Huey’s Heroes will mentor freshman in our C.L.A.W.S class focusing on social-emotional learning and participate in a volunteer program with USO. Huey's Heroes documents this journey using the Lead4Change curriculum. 

JROTC-James Daniels, Brian Hargis

Junior Class- Jeff Elbert, Stephanie Hillary

Junior Leadership-

Key Club- Christine Chen

Key Club is a service learning student organization that aims to educate, orient, and train our members to become active citizens of our community. 

LPSTV-LHS Staff- The purpose is to promote a positive image at LHS through live streaming of school sporting events and athletics. The staff is comprised of students who advocate for their school the live streaming program. 

Math Club- Tommy Harrison, Andrew Reil

We tutor students with their mathematics, play board games once a month, and do math competitions.

Media Productions- Paul Glaser

Lawton High School Oklahoma Media Productions Classroom. Media students create, produce, and present educational entertainment for the entire student populace through the art of film production.

Military Child-Maureen Durant

Mission: To provide support to military-connected students by easing transitions, creating a positive environment, as well as establishing connections by sharing experiences, cultures, and opportunities.

National Honor Society- Christina Bausch

Orchestra (strings)- Kathy Liticker

Robotics- Joan Cole

Scream Team- Alan Prater

The purpose of this organization shall be to increase, create and enhance school spirit throughout the school during at school activities and after school activities. 

Senior Class-Alan Prater

Sophomore Class- Meribeth Belter, Tiffany Johnson

Spanish Club: Shaleah Ramirez-Sanchez, Grechan Santiago

The purpose of Spanish Club is to provide educational opportunities outside of the classroom for those interested in the Spanish language and culture. Our club also promotes positivity within our diverse school and community. 

Stage Production- Chris Levinson

Starbook Clubs- Maureen Durant

Stomp Team-  Ramona Shegog

The Stomp Team is an important part of America’s artistic and cultural heritage. It is a type of dance that involves clapping, stomping, and making noises on the body to make a beat with a group of people. The body is used as an instrument to create intricate rhythms and sounds throughout a combination of footsteps, claps and spoken word.

Student Council- Chris Levinson

Student Council is a leadership class of elected class and student body officers. Student Council hosts most of the activities for the school.

Teen Council-

Vocal Music- Ms. Jernigan

Yearbook- Jay DeSilver

Students in the Yearbook (Lore) class are the leaders and decision-makers of the yearbook staff of Lawton High School. In Yearbook class students will complete the myriad of tasks to create a quality yearbook that reflects the pictorial history of the activities for the present school year.