...where Loyalty, Honor, and Spirit are the way of life for Wolverines past, present, and future. We hope you enjoy our revamped web site. We are working diligently to complete all of our web pages as soon as possible. Please visit daily to see what's new and what's to come. If you have any comments, suggestions, or ideas, please feel free to email our LHS Web Instructor.

    Welcome to the Lawton High School, Home of Champions, web site. Home of Champions was a title bestowed on LHS by the Oklahoma State Legislature in 1962. LHS won all five of the major sports State Championship titles that year. It is a title that we are proud of and continue to build upon today, not only athletically but academically as well.

    This web site is a prime example of our commitment to student excellence and expression as it is created, developed, and maintained by our Web Page Design classes. Of course, there is oversight of this project by one of our highly qualified, state certified teachers, Ms. Shaida Morales. Her guidance cannot be overstated; however, she would be the first person to give credit for the ultimate outcome of this site to our exceptional students.

      We are a large high school with a state enrollment number ranging from 1,800 to 2,000 students in any given year. Despite our size, we go to great lengths to know our students individually. We utilize and build upon our unique diversities and experiences to allow all students an array of opportunities to explore and participate in various activities at LHS.
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